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Marlon Santana

Intermediate Choreography

Tuesday 5:00pm

Class Description:

An exploration of feel good movement including grooves, cleanliness, footwork, musicality & self-discovery. 


Marlon Santana is a professional dance artist / creative from Elizabeth, NJ. After being self-taught for many years, he began his formal dance training at the age of 19, studying hip hop, street jazz and contemporary fusion. He has adamantly instilled both self-discovery and quality over quantity as his top priorities in both his craft and lifestyle. Although his journey hasn’t been long, he finally feels comfort in giving back a bit of the knowledge he has received to his community as he continues to grow himself. So far, his credentials include: “The Soul Spot” Directed and Choreographed by Candace Brown, BTS, and Justine Darcene. He has also been apart of a few dance companies: Royal Thieves, Kreativ Mndz, and Enigma Dance Collective. Lastly, he has done countless performances at many venues in both NY and LA such as: Carnival, Sybarite, and Club Jete, just to name a few. He is looking forward to the continuous amounts of growth in his craft and can’t wait to see what else the future has in store. 

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