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5 Class Package $110 (2 months expiration)

To purchase a package, please fill out this form and make the payment accordingly. After verifying your payment, we will add the pacakge to your account and you will be notified via email.

Thank you for submitting!You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Workshops are not included in class packages. (Workshop不在课卡范围内。)

  2. All sales are final and non-transferable. (课卡不能转让并且不能退款。)

  3. Activation date cannot be changed after the package is added to your account. Your activation date should be the date of the first class you will book. Cancellation of the first class will not change the activation date. (在我们把课卡加入到你的账户之后,激活日期就不能再被更改。课卡的激活日期应是你使用这个课卡上第一节课的日期。若是你取消了第一节课,激活日期仍不会改变。)

  4. Packages can only be used by the accounts that purchased them. Packages cannot be shared. (课卡只能被购买的账户使用,不能分享给他人。)

  5. No extensions unless a doctor's note can be provided in the case of injuries. Roll-Over and Package Suspension are available upon request.(课卡,除非这份请求中能提供医生证明。如有需要,可以选择Roll-Over或是Package Suspension。)

  6. All packages have to be used before expiration date. (课卡必须在它过期日期前使用。过期日期当天不可使用。)

  7. All packages must be activated within one year of purchase unless specified otherwise.(所有课卡必须在购买后的一年内激活。)

If your package expired with unused classes, you can purchase another package within a month from the expiration date to have the unused classes rolled over to your new package. You can roll over up to 2 classes from an expired 5 class package and 4 classes from an expired 10 class package. You can request by checking off the roll over option on the package purchase form.

(如果你的课卡没有在规定时间内使用完,你可以在过期日期起一个月内购买新卡,并将剩余的课程转移到新卡上。5次卡最多可以转移2节课。10次(或以上)卡最多可以转移4节课。如需要转移课程,可在购买新卡时在勾选roll over的选项)。

Package Suspension

If we can suspend your package for a $15 fee. With a doctor's note, this fee can be waived. The remaining classes and time on the package will be frozen until you decide to activate the package again. The package can remain deactivated for up to one year. Each package can be deactivated only once. To request a package suspension, please send us an email and send the suspension fee. 


Q: Can I use credit cards to purchase packages?

A: Yes. Credit cards can be taken in person at the studio. Please note that if a class is full, we cannot hold a spot without payment.

Q: Can I ask for an extension if I can't finish my package?

A: We do not offer any extensions unless a doctor's note is provided. However, we do have Roll-Over and Suspension as alternatives.

Q: When should I select for the activation date?

A: Select the date that you will attend your first class with this package.

​Q: Can I change my activation date after the package is activated?

A: No.

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