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Hip Hop Foundations

Wednesday 5:00pm


Tomoe Carr is a young, determined, passionate, and outgoing artist. She started her dance training in Japan at Next Generation Dance Studio under the tutelage of Cebo for 10 years.  Learning styles such as Hip Hop, House, Waacking, Locking, Popping, and Breaking. Tomoe is also the first graduate of the street dance program KiNEXtionS™ from Next Generation New York Studios Japan. After returning to New York in 2014 she has expanded her dance vocabulary studying Ballet and Modern at Peridance Center, studying Litefeet under the pioneer dancers Chrybaby Cozie and E Solo. Tomoe is currently building her portfolio by working with accomplished professionals such as Tweet Boogie, Michele Byrd-McPhee, Soraya Lundy, Violet Galagarza to name a few. Tomoe has graduated from Jacob’s Pillow street and club dance program in 2020, which were led by two legends Archie Burnett and Ephrat Asherie. She has had grand opportunities of working with upcoming artists such as Meg Donnelly on Disney’s “Next Big Thing” and Jidenna’s music video “Tribe” as a featured dancer. Tomoe has been active in the dance battle scenes for about 7 years in New York, and she was even invited to one of Europe's biggest battles Flavorama as a guest with her partner Kosi. 

    After having a taste of the battle scene Tomoe decided to take a deeper dive into her journey as a dancer, and move to New York City. Here she is actively teaching to the youth and adults, by having ongoing programs with studios such as Peridance center. As well as working with Village Culture Collective(Ladies of HipHop, NXGN, I Love My Hood, and Dynamic Rockers) to provide free classes for the public. Additionally, Tomoe is now working under the DOA with an arts program NIA summer rising to teach kids kindergarten to fifth grade in their classrooms. Moving forward she is working to create a safe space for dancers in New York City that want to represent New York. She has already made her first step by curating block parties, flashmobs, timed shows, with Pops Up NYC; a festival that provides events for locals of the city. She continues to thrive in her own way, and hopes to one day be able to change the world with dance. 

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