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Adv Beg Choreography or Beg Contermporay Fusion

Mondays 8pm-9:30pm


Yurie Ono was born and raised in Japan. She started dancing at the age of four with ballet. Her style changed to street when she joined SIVA dance team in Obihiro University in Hokkaido. Over the years she learned so many different styles such as street jazz, hiphop, waacking, house and locking. She became the champion at GATSBY Dance Competition in Hokkaido. After graduating, she went to Niigata to join the dance team Unity and trained in hiphop and contemporary. In 2018, she moved to NYC and joined A Rhythm Company. Within the year she also became the co-director of the team and started teaching at Lollipop Dance Studio. She joined the Neighbors in 2019 and got 2nd place at Prelude East Coast 2019. In 2020, She choreographed a piece and led A Rhythm Company to victory.

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